Teach Overseas

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 10
Teach at HIS International School in Phnom Penh Cambodia, a new International School for Cambodian students, children of the expatriate community (including MK's) and children of refugees. The school may start as a Learning Center as we ramp up student population. This is a self-funded opportunity (i.e., raise your own support).
Fluent English speaker with teaching credential from home country..
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Classroom Aide Overseas

various locations worldwide - 11
Serve in a classroom overseas in one of our growing Learning Centers! Contact us to start process of helping students and teachers in the field.
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Support Worker Overseas

various locations worldwide - 12
Support the community in  our growing Learning Centers!  There are a variety of ways that you can make a difference in people's lives.
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Online Teacher, U.S.A.

California, USA - 13
We need teachers for online classes!  If you would like to teach one or more online classes, contact us to learn more.
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Volunteer, U.S.A.

California, USA - 14
Volunteer at ROCKLIN GLOBAL headquarters or at LIFT Community Center in Woodland, CA.  Contact us for more information about how you can serve the nations and/or students from the USA.
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Rocklin International Schools

Woodland, CA, USA - 15
There are many ways to support Rocklin International Schools and education for the nations.
Join us in providing quality education to children worldwide! Your first steps start here on an amazing journey!
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Woodland, CA, USA - 16
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